Friday, January 10, 2014

Lowe's Build and Grow Activity for Kids

My son and I love doing things together on the weekend. One of our favorite activities is the Build and Grow program at Lowe's. Every other weekend, Lowe's puts on a "Build and Grow" activity for the kids. It's an absolutely wonderful activity for you and the little ones. And the best part? IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!!!! They provide first timers with an apron, name badge, and safety goggles. All for your lil' one to keep and personalize. They also provide the entire kit for the project. My son was able to build many different things over the past months. He's built a Monsters University wooden box, a wooden RC race car from Toy Story, and El Chupacabra from the movie Planes. upon completion of the project, you go back to the person running it and they'll give you a patch you can attach to your apron. It's super cute and builds focus, coordination, and confidence in your little one. Yes, there are hammers and nails involved so you definitely NEED to supervise your children. You will also have to sign a waiver in order for your child to participate. You can print them out once you register online OR they make them available to you at the store site. "How do I sign up?" - Registration tends to fill up quickly but visit the Build and Grow site (via Lowe's website) often to see when they post registration. "Do they take 'walk-ins'?" - They take 'walk-ins' based on availability. They give those that have registered 15 min to make it. At that time, any extra availability will be offered to first come, first serve. Here are a few of the projects my son has completed. These projects are a couple months old - but always just as much fun!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Lil' Introduction to "Mom"

Hi there! Welcome to Mom Times! You might be wondering what this blog is all about and "Who am I?" to think that I'm qualified enough to even write a blog like this. Well, lets start off with... I'm a mom. I have ONE son and I'm at the ripe old age of 30. I've lived a very eventful life with various events that have shaped me into who I am today. Lets start off with my childhood and how I was raised. I grew up in North Hollywood, CA with my mom and dad. I have an older, half-sister who is 13 and a half years older than me. (My mom's daughter from her previous marriage) This was my dad's third marriage and he did not have any other children. We were well off in my childhood and I lived well for being a So-Cal Valley Girl. I was raised Lutheran and attended a private Christian school throughout my elementary, junior high, and high school life. My parents hit some hard times and we lost our house and had to move. We were separated for a good 6 months as I lived with a friend. Our family joined back together rather quickly and our love and devotion to each other blossomed. This is where I learned to live a positive lifestyle and how to find the best bang for your buck! I maintained my peppiness and continued on with all my extra-curricular activities. I was a gymnast, water polo player, swimmer, tennis player, an all-around athlete. I was a Girl Scout and a flautist. I enjoy the outdoors (whether it be the mountains, dessert, or beach). I love animals and I love to teach! I went to school to become an English teacher. I really enjoy helping, molding, and teaching anyone. I don't have to teach kids and it doesn't have to be English. :D A lil' bit about me as an adult... I'm a working mama. I currently work for an Entertainment Payroll company. My husband is a working daddy and works for Disney. We love to travel and we love Disney. So, ideally, we travel to Walt Disney World usually once a year. I recently lost both of my parents. They passed just four months apart from each other. My dad was terminal with hereditary emphysema and my mom passed unexpectedly from a gallstone. My parent's last celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in the ER on April 11, 2011. I credit my parents for everything I've learned throughout life. My parents taught me gratitude, respect, love, loyalty, positivity, persistence, and perseverance. They gave me the confidence I need to strive for my very best. I work hard to get what I want and where I want. I hope to one day be the parent they were to me. I don't plan to tell you what's right or what's wrong. I plan to tell you what I've done and what seems to work for me. Our family enjoys movies, going to museums, parks, theme parks, and new adventures. So, I plan on giving my opinions. They are just that... OPINIONS ;) So please respect my opinions and I'll respect yours. Let's remember that all parents are on a journey and constantly learning and guess what? No matter how hard we try, we aren't perfect. So sit back and enjoy the read!