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Lowe's Build and Grow Activity for Kids

My son and I love doing things together on the weekend. One of our favorite activities is the Build and Grow program at Lowe's. Every other weekend, Lowe's puts on a "Build and Grow" activity for the kids. It's an absolutely wonderful activity for you and the little ones. And the best part? IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!!!! They provide first timers with an apron, name badge, and safety goggles. All for your lil' one to keep and personalize. They also provide the entire kit for the project. My son was able to build many different things over the past months. He's built a Monsters University wooden box, a wooden RC race car from Toy Story, and El Chupacabra from the movie Planes. upon completion of the project, you go back to the person running it and they'll give you a patch you can attach to your apron. It's super cute and builds focus, coordination, and confidence in your little one. Yes, there are hammers and nails involved so you definitely NEED t…
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A Lil' Introduction to "Mom"

Hi there! Welcome to Mom Times! You might be wondering what this blog is all about and "Who am I?" to think that I'm qualified enough to even write a blog like this. Well, lets start off with... I'm a mom. I have ONE son and I'm at the ripe old age of 30. I've lived a very eventful life with various events that have shaped me into who I am today. Lets start off with my childhood and how I was raised. I grew up in North Hollywood, CA with my mom and dad. I have an older, half-sister who is 13 and a half years older than me. (My mom's daughter from her previous marriage) This was my dad's third marriage and he did not have any other children. We were well off in my childhood and I lived well for being a So-Cal Valley Girl. I was raised Lutheran and attended a private Christian school throughout my elementary, junior high, and high school life. My parents hit some hard times and we lost our house and had to move. We were separated for a good 6 months …